Wellwood Yacht Club History

In the late 1800's, the Wellwood Yacht and Country Club was originally a private hunting and fishing club hosting such notable politicians and businessmen as Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Joe Cannon. In fact, in the "Duckroom" one can see the wooden eagle which was originally part of a hand carved bar that is reputed to have been presented to The Wellwood by Teddy Roosevelt. The second floor of The Wellwood holds rooms named for States that had sent letters to the Club, requesting that a room be named after their state so that their representative would have a place to call "home". Some of the letters can e viewed in the "Fireplace Dining Room". The yacht club survived for almost 130 years till it faded out in the mid-1980's. In 2004, four yachtsmen and their ladies were asked to re-institute the yacht club in the spirit of the club's original Creed:

"An organization of optimists and humanitarians in the broadest sense... Its purpose is to promote the HAPPY HABIT: To reduce the friction of life to a minimum and increase the pleasure of existence to the maximum ; to discourage strife and promote good fellowship." When prospective members apply, they sign a pledge to be active and helpful members. They also agree to aid their fellow members and officers to make all affairs, cruises and parties a success. 


The Wellwood Yacht Club meets the second Friday of the month at The Wellwood Restaurant located at 543 Water St Charlestown, MD in the Historic Duck Room. 

Come for the meeting, stay for dinner. 

Thank you to the Wellwood Restaurant for all your hospitality hosting our events and meetings. The staff is wonderful and we truly appreciate all the help we receive from Larry and Angela making our events special.